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    100% is a recently opened CS2 Gambling Site offering games like roulette, coinflip, case openings and more. In this review we will go over all of the gambling sites features, support, bonuses, and games.


Using the code “FREEDOLLAR” on sign up will grant you a dollar to gamble for on the site. The bonus is instantly applicable, but you are required to make a deposit to withdraw any skins.

Other bonuses include rewards for leveling up where you receive cases to open for each level, with the top chest giving you a chance for a $10,000 Dragon Lore. You can level up by just playing on the site, the more you play the faster you level up.


The games available at are Battles, Upgrader, Plinko, Roulette, Mines, Jackpot and Cases.

Battles is a game where you open CS cases against other players, with the player getting the highest amount in the case takes it all. You can even make custom cases where you can choose what skins are in, and how much the case will cost. If can’t find any players to battle, you can always play against bots.

Upgrader is a simple game where you can upgrade you existing CS2 skins to better ones, with a chosen percentage of success.

Plinko is a classic game on any CS2 gambling site and is one of the most popular on The games gives you the best odds for a win, with everything being transparent.

Cases is the most popular game at, and pretty self-explanatory. The cases simulate CS2 Cases with custom skins and drop rates, and you can even make custom cases.

Is Legit?

Yes, is a legit CS2 Gambling Site. They are licensed in Cyprus and have received a great player review score during their years of operation and is trusted by thousands of players. If you have any issues with the site be sure to reach out to their support team.

Author Martin Jensen

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