What Date Will Counter-Strike 2 be Released?

Martin Jensen
April 9, 2023
cs2 release

With the release of Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test Beta, Valve said that CS2 will be released this summer. With many speculating that the game will be released in June, we think the game will be released later than that due to various factors.

Firstly, the CS2 Limited Test Beta has proven that the game still isn’t close to finished, with many bugs and issues regarding the game. Valve will want to release the game in a perfect state for the players to enjoy on launch, and that is still a long way to go. In the meantime, you should consider to try and access the limited test beta, which is given out randomly to CS:GO players.

We suspect due to these factors that CS2 will be released late August, due to the game’s state and most game releases happen during that time as well due to higher player numbers.

Author Martin Jensen

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