Will Counter-Strike 2 Have Operations? We Have the Answer!

Martin Jensen
November 23, 2023
cs2 operation

The excitement surrounding the arrival of Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) is heightened by the possibility of new Operations. Evidence indicates an operation is underway, with data miners uncovering relevant code and icons. Expected features include various skin collections, agent skins, a Pet Capsule for in-game creatures, cooperative missions, seasonal medals, and a potential VIP mode.

Here’s what we know so far about the potential for Operations in CS2:

  • Operation Development: There’s strong evidence suggesting that an operation is in development for CS2. Dataminers have unearthed lines of code and icons hinting at upcoming releases. Notably, data miner Maksim “Gabe_Follower” Poletayev found references to co-op missions, seasonal medals, and a potential return of the comic book feature. Additionally, there’s a mention of a VIP (Assassination) mode, although it’s unclear if these will be part of the operation​​.
  • Possible Features of Operation 12: The speculated features for the first CS2 Operation, possibly titled “Operation 12,” include three skin collections (Counter-Strike, Pop Comic, and Myth & Monsters), agent skins, a Pet Capsule (possibly for skins for chickens or other creatures), cooperative missions, seasonal medals, and a VIP mode​​. There hasn’t been any datamined CS2 Cases, but we suspect that this will also be available.
  • Impact of Source 2 Engine: The introduction of the Source 2 engine in CS2 opens up possibilities for new game modes and features. While the full potential of Source 2 is not yet known, minor tweaks like colored smokes have been found in game files, suggesting innovative changes could be on the horizon for CS2 Operations​​.
  • Timing of the First Operation: Given that CS2 is still in beta, with numerous bugs and limited map availability, the timing of the first operation is speculative. Valve might launch Operation 12 alongside CS2’s release to celebrate the event, or they may choose to postpone it until the game reaches a more stable state​​.

When will the CS2 Operation Release?

Operation 12 doesn’t have a set release date, but people are speculating it can come out Q1 of 2024, which follows Valve’s release schedule of the previous 11 operations.

What will the first CS2 Operation Offer?

  • Skin Collections
  • Pets
  • Agent Skins
  • Co-op Missions
  • Pins

Many of these features are already in game, with 3 unnamed skin collections ready to release.

This skin collection features new skins like Glock-18 Case Hardened, M4A1-S Gamme Doppler and a M4A4 Doppler Skin. We think these skins will be highly sought after, and very rare.


We think that the 12th CS2 Operation is just around the corner since there have been so many datamined skins and features. When do you think the Operation will release?

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