Will gambling sites be allowed with Counter-Strike 2?

Martin Jensen
June 24, 2023

Counter-Strike has solidified its position as a beloved first-person shooter game, captivating players with its strategic gameplay and vibrant community. As anticipation builds for the release of Counter-Strike 2, questions arise regarding the potential incorporation of gambling mechanics within the game. In this article, we delve into the topic of gambling in Counter-Strike 2 and discuss the considerations and implications that surround it.

Past Concerns and Actions

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) faced previous controversies linked to skin gambling, which involved using in-game cosmetic items as virtual currency for betting. Such practices raised concerns about underage gambling, unregulated markets, and potential illicit connections. In response, Valve Corporation, the game’s developer, took measures to address these issues and enforce stricter regulations on third-party websites facilitating skin gambling.

Regulatory Caution

Considering the controversies that have surrounded CS:GO and skin gambling, it is expected that Valve Corporation will approach gambling mechanics in Counter-Strike 2 with caution. The company has demonstrated its commitment to fostering a fair and secure gaming environment, suggesting that robust measures will likely be implemented to prevent the misuse of in-game items for gambling purposes.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

The inclusion of gambling mechanics in Counter-Strike 2 raises important legal and ethical questions. Online gambling laws and regulations differ across jurisdictions, requiring developers to navigate complex legal landscapes to ensure compliance. Moreover, ethical concerns related to addiction, underage gambling, and the creation of unregulated markets must be addressed. Valve Corporation, as a responsible developer, will need to take these considerations into account and implement safeguards to protect players.

Exploring Alternative Approaches

In response to the challenges posed by gambling mechanics, some game developers have introduced alternative approaches to cater to players’ desire for in-game gambling experiences. These approaches often involve the use of separate virtual currencies, decoupled from real-world money, ensuring that players are not directly wagering tangible assets. Valve Corporation may consider adopting similar systems in Counter-Strike 2, striking a balance between player desires and responsible game development, while minimizing associated risks and controversies.


As the release of Counter-Strike 2 draws near, the question of whether gambling mechanics will be present in the game remains uncertain. Valve Corporation’s commitment to maintaining a safe and fair gaming environment, combined with the past controversies surrounding CS:GO and skin gambling, suggests that careful considerations will be taken. Addressing the legal and ethical aspects surrounding gambling mechanics, and potentially exploring alternative approaches, will be crucial for Valve Corporation to strike the right balance in Counter-Strike 2. The future will unveil how these considerations are implemented within the gameplay of Counter-Strike 2.

Author Martin Jensen

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